Our Pads

Did you know that the average single-use pad holds just 20ml of liquid? Many people also find disposable pads uncomfortable and hot, and expensive! At an average of 50p per pad, periods can set you back £10 a month, and if you need daily protection from bladder leaks you can be spending £15 a week, if not more! Because our pads hold more, and can be washed and reused, a set of 10 pads can last you years. Minivivi pads are tested to withstand at least 200 washes. That’s a lot of periods! 

Our 11″ Original pads are designed for moderate bladder leaks and/or very heavy bleeding. With non-wick wings and charcoal impregnated microfleece backing to reduce any odour, the pads have an organic cotton/hemp blend core with a hidden waterproof layer for extra protection and are topped with your choice of fabric against the skin.

For those preferring a shorter pad, our 8″ Original is ideal, holding up to 90ml, and both the 11″ and 8″ pads are available as LITE with half the core, making them ideal as a daily liner for mild to moderate incontinence, or are suitable for regular menstrual use.

We have recently added a 13″ pad to the range, with a more flared shape for greater coverage, and our unique 16″ MULTI with optional “tongue” that can be rolled or folded, and placed where ever extra absorbency is required. The 16″ MULTI can also be used by men, who can roll the tongue and place where needed to prevent leaks. The tongue can be used to give more protection and absorbency at the back, sides or used interlabially to guide flow to the absorbent centre of the pad. 

Care Instructions

When your pads arrive, they will need several washes before use to “fluff up” the organic cotton and hemp fibres, enabling them to become fully absorbent. This is faster if you can dry between washes. You can use them after 2 or 3 washes but remember they will become more absorbent the more they are washed. 

The pads can be washed at 40 or 60 degrees with your usual detergent. We strongly recommend washing the hand-dyed velour or brushed cotton pads separately or using a colour catcher for the first few washes as the dye may run. Harsh products such as vinegar, or household bleach could damage the materials and fabric conditioner should be avoided as it reduces absorbency. We recommend line drying your pads but they can be tumble-dried on low heat if required. To retain their shape and length, give them a gentle tug when damp and flatten before drying. Repeated tumble-drying, or drying on high heat, could shorten their lifespan. Bamboo can also be damaged by direct heat so we recommend avoiding direct contact with a radiator if you have chosen bamboo velour topped pads.

Once prewashed, to wear your pad, place the grey side down against your underwear with the longer end at the front, then fold the wings round the gusset and snap together underneath. There are two size settings to suit different widths of gusset and you can adjust the position of the pad by sliding it forward or back once you have pulled up your underwear. If sitting or lying down for longer periods, you may prefer the longer end of the pad at the back. To remove the pad, reach under the gusset and unsnap the wings. We have added a special tab to make this easier to do. You can then fold the pad and pop it in a wetbag/waterproof bag or container until ready to wash. Do not soak your pads for more than an hour or two as this may damage the materials or reduce their lifespan. 

Our PottiPads are designed for children who are toilet learning but still have small leaks and accidents on the way to the loo. Easier than changing the entire underwear, simply pop a pad into their “grown up” underwear, secure with the wings around the gusset, and change the pad as needed. Our PottiPads also have an organic core, and there is the option of the cream cotton top turning blue when damp as a “wetness indicator”, helping your child see when they have had a leak on the way to the loo or potty. They fit standard underwear from approx 18 months up to 8 years. Then children can move up to the tween/SLIM pads which bridge the gap between PottiPads and our standard 8″ LITE pad. 

Minivivi pads are individually hand made in the UK so will have small variations pad to pad. If you have any problems with your pads or have any questions, please contact us. You can find out more, ask questions, get access to exclusive offers and get all the news first in our ViviClub group on Facebook!