Minivivi pads currently come in several different sizes and with two different core options, then a choice of toppings – bamboo velour, brushed cotton, jersey cotton.

Bamboo velour feels more stay-dry against the skin and is super soft. It also holds slightly more fluid than cotton. However, bamboo does not like dry heat so should be kept away from radiators.

Cotton absorbs faster than bamboo velour but also feels more damp against the skin when wet. Cotton is generally more robust than bamboo and can withstand more tumble drying and radiator drying. Jersey cotton is the same cotton as knickers (stretchy knit cotton) then brushed cotton is also known as flannel or wincyette. Brushed cotton can also go “bobbly” quite fast so is not as aesthetically pleasing as bamboo velour or jersey cotton.


PottiPad – holds up to 50ml (narrowest point/gusset width 5cm)


Tween/SLIM Original – holds up to 70ml (width 5cm)

Tween/SLIM LITE – holds up to 50ml (width 5cm)


8″ Extra – holds up to 120ml (width 6.5cm)

8″ Original – holds up to 90ml (width 6.5cm)

8″ LITE – holds up to 60ml (width 6.5cm)


11″ Extra – holds up to 200ml (width 6.5cm)

11″ Original – holds up to 150ml (width 6.5cm)

11″ Lite – holds up to 80ml (width 6.5cm)


Long SLIM Original – holds up to 130ml (width 5cm)

Long SLIM LITE – holds up to 70ml (width 5cm)


13″ Extra – holds up to 320ml (width 6.5cm)

13″ Original – holds up to 250ml (width 6.5cm)

13″ LITE – holds up to 110ml (width 6.5cm)


16″ Extra – holds up to 420ml (width 6.5cm)

16″ Original – holds up to 350ml (width 6.5cm)

16″ LITE – holds up to 210ml (width 6.5cm)


16″ MULTI – holds up to 450ml (with added tongue. Width 6.5cm)


Photo showing the thickness of the LITE, Original, and Extra core options.

The photo above shows the difference between the core capacities. The top pad is a LITE core, the middle pad is an Original core, and the bottom pad is an Extra core.


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