Intergluteal Pads


  • keeps skin dry
  • choose from three sizes
  • made from breathable cotton
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Our Intergluteal pads a handy, unique solution to the problem of sore skin between the buttocks. A common problem, rarely talked about, but which can be extremely painful and uncomfortable. These little washable, breathable cotton pads are folded and placed between the buttocks to absorb any kind of moisture, keeping the skin dry, fresh and healthy. (They also will stop you bleeding off the back of your pad during menstruation where applicable). 

Available in three different sizes, Intergluteal pads are simple but so effective, with excellent feedback from those who use them. The top layer is made from jersey cotton or brushed cotton.

Size 0 (13cm long, and 5.5cm maximum width)
Size 1 (14.5cm long, and 7cm maximum width)
Size 2 (18.5cm long, and 8cm maximum width)

We recommend washing Intergluteal pads in a mesh washing bag like other small items to prevent them getting caught in the door seal.

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Size 0, Size 1, Size 2