11″ Original

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  • holds up to 150ml
  • suitable for heavy menstruation
  • suitable for light incontinence
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Our 11″ Original pad holds up to 150ml, is 6.5cm wide at the gusset and is suitable for heavy menstruation or light incontinence.

Minivivi pads are primarily designed for incontinence so are extremely high capacity yet ultra thin. Our unique, earth-friendly core is a combination of organic hemp and cotton, layered to maximise capacity and minimise compression leaks, whilst the natural fabric remains breathable.

The thin microfleece used for the backing and wings grips to underwear, reducing any movement, and it is impregnated with charcoal to reduce odour. Our non-wick, reinforced wings have two size settings to accommodate different underwear types, and a handy tab to aid with undoing the snaps.

All our pads have a hidden waterproof layer of high quality polyurethane laminate (pul) as standard for extra protection against leaks, and we offer a range of different topping fabrics to suit different needs. If you’re unsure of which fabric or core strength to choose, click here for guidance.

Please note that pads are made to order. Please allow up to 10 working days for delivery. For additional information please see our FAQ section. Use code “starter” at checkout to get a wetbag FREE with any 5 or more pads (wetbag must be in basket when applied).

7 reviews for 11″ Original

  1. Emily (verified owner)

    I bought two of these in Bamboo Velour and they are so hard-wearing and comfortable. I have really heavy periods and these have been perfect for wicking away moisture and avoiding those leaks. The ice-dyed velour is beautiful and they wash really well. I’ve also noticed my periods have been a lot less painful – I was sceptical when people said this was an advantage of reusable pads but it’s really true!

  2. Gemma Devlin

    I was a bit unsure about cloth pads and had tried a few generic brands with moderate success. I suffer quite heavy periods and thought this was why I wasn’t experiencing the full benefits other people claimed they were. I decided to try these after seeing multiple recommendations for them and can honestly say that I am 100% converted. These are so comfortable and secure that I wouldn’t use anything else now.

  3. Kim Wheeler (verified owner)

    I bought a couple of minivivi pads to try back in 2020, and loved them so much that I almost immediately bought loads more to last my whole period! I have a mix of the toppings, mostly 11″ with some 13″ for night, and mostly original with a couple of Extras for the heaviest bits of my period. I love them so much, they’ve truly been a revelation for me after using disposables for so long and umming and ahhing about cloth pads, period underwear etc. I’m so glad I switched! I also feel a lot more secure as I sometimes have a little incontinence (need to get to a loo a lot quicker!) when on my period, these stop me worrying about that. They stay in place perfectly, are very comfortable, and absorb so well. I’ve not had a single leak since using them.

    I tend to gravitate towards the brushed cotton and bamboo for heavier days and the jersey cotton for lighter days when I want a cool design! I honestly cannot recommend this company enough, I’m constantly raving to anyone who will listen about them. I’m coming up to 3 years with them now and all of mine are still going strong, absorbing like new, so I’m very happy, and will certainly be returning for more when they start to need replacing (though I’m anticipating it being a very long time) or when I see a new print that I really like!

  4. Anna (verified owner)

    These pads are really excellent – always reliable and comfortable, periods have become a lot more bearable. Strongly echo what other reviewers have said. Minivivi’s owner is so kind too – do reach out to her for help and advice 🙂
    To give you an idea of types and quantities if you’re thinking of ordering…
    I tried jersey cotton, bamboo velour and pique cotton the first time I ordered. A set of 3 pique, 1 jersey and 1 bamboo (plus 2 13″ for heavier days/nights) have served me really well for two years of 7-day long heavy periods. The pads are still going strong, so I’ve just ordered 2 more 11″ pique, 2 x 11″ bamboo velour and 1 x 13″ bamboo velour to help keep on top of the laundry during the week (I tend to soak and wash every day or every other day).
    After chatting to Minivivi, the game-changer for me has been using the interlabial pads for extra absorption and protection from leaks – I’ll leave a review on that page too!

  5. Ruth Corrall

    Love these pads. I tried a few others at the same time I bought my first minivivi ones and the others just aren’t as comfortable. I reach for my minivivi ones every time and am building up my stash! They are comfortable and hard wearing. Love the fact I’m supporting a small business as well. Penny is always super helpful whenever you have a query too. Definitely recommend!

  6. Rebecca Connelly

    I love my minivivi pads. I have a mixture of sizes and thicknesses, but tend to favour my 11 inch length pads for overnight. They really are comfortable and the patterns are awesome! I’ve used them for over 3 years and they still look as good as new.

  7. Bethan O’Sullivan

    Oh my gosh. How fab are these? So much nicer than disposables. Comfy, long lasting, what’s not to like. Bamboo velour is so soft, comes in lovely colours. They wash and dry fabulously. The customer service from Penny is exceptional, nothing is beyond her scope of expertise

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