Intergluteal Pads

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  • keeps skin dry
  • choose from three sizes
  • made from breathable cotton


Our Intergluteal pads are a handy, unique solution to the problem of sore skin between the buttocks, or for absorbing drainage from a fistula. A common problem, rarely talked about, but which can be extremely painful and uncomfortable. These little washable, breathable cotton pads are folded and placed between the buttocks, or wherever needed, to absorb any kind of moisture, keeping the skin dry, fresh and healthy. (They also will stop you bleeding off the back of your pad during menstruation where applicable, and can be used in bras or underwear during hot weather to absorb sweat). Priced individually at just £1 each, they are an affordable replacement for gauze and dressings.

Available in three different sizes, Intergluteal pads are simple but so effective, with excellent feedback from those who use them. The top layer is made from jersey cotton print off-cuts and the absorbent layers are brushed cotton. (If you would prefer a round shape, have a look at our fistula/cotton rounds.)

Choose from

Size 0 (13cm long, and 5.5cm maximum width)
Size 1 (14.5cm long, and 7cm maximum width)
Size 2 (18.5cm long, and 8cm maximum width)

We recommend washing Intergluteal pads in a mesh washing bag like other small items to prevent them getting caught in the door seal. You will automatically receive a free cotton mesh laundry bag when you buy 5 or more Intergluteal pads. 

(For shipping calculation, please consider 5 Intergluteal pads of any size/mix of sizes to be a single item)

6 reviews for Intergluteal Pads

  1. Stephanie (verified owner)

    I ordered these as I have a fistula and deal with a fair amount of drainage. I would highly recommend these, they are so comfortable and I have noticed less irritation around the fistula area since using, they are a great alternative!
    For anyone who suffers from a fistula, these are a godsend!

  2. Rhian (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant pads. I’ve purchased 20 pads and find that I can rotate them while I wear vey well. If your a fan of gauze for your fistula then you’ll like these! I have a seton and found these to be soft on it! Plus you get to have that feel good feeling for saving the planet one pad at a time!!

  3. Grace Finch

    This is a genius invention! I’ll spare the TMI and just say that my bum is very grateful.

  4. Soph (verified owner)

    Absolutely love these as an alternative for disposable gauze and the like for a fistula. They wash well and have kept their shape and absorbency. The largest size are (for me) really quite large which is perfect for full coverage, and the medium and smallest size are great for day to day. I like the lucky dip of fabric as well.

  5. Jessica

    Beautiful quality, very comfortable, and such a lovely helpful lady. Thankyou so much for helping those of us with fistulas.

  6. Nat (verified owner)

    They are absolutely brilliant pads. I have got a complicated fistula. They have helped me a lot.

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