Interlabial Pad



Our Interlabial pads are available in three different sizes and are perfect for directing menstrual flow or as a ‘booster’, adding a bit of extra capacity. They also help prevent the ‘gushy’ feeling associated with fast or very heavy periods. Interlabial pads have a topping fabric of either jersey cotton print off-cuts and two absorbent layers of brushed cotton and are just £1 each!

Choose from:

Size 0 (13cm long, and 5.5cm maximum width)
Size 1 (14.5cm long, and 7cm maximum width)
Size 2 (18.5cm long, and 8cm maximum width)

To use Interlabial pads, fold lengthwise and pop between your labia (like a ‘wedgie’!) leaving a couple of cm at the front to remove it when you go to the toilet. The pad will direct flow toward the front and back of the pad, preventing leaks over the sides. They also add 5-10ml of extra capacity, which means your actual pad lasts longer so you need less of them, saving you money too!

Handy hint – an Interlabial pad tucked between the buttocks at night will prevent blood running down and leaking off the back of your pad. Game changer! They can also be used between or under boobs to absorb sweat! 

We recommend washing Interlabial/Intergluteal pads in a mesh washing bag like other small items to prevent them getting caught in the door seal. You will automatically receive a free cotton mesh laundry bag when you buy 5 or more Interlabial/Intergluteal pads. 

(For shipping calculation, please consider 5 Interlabial/Intergluteal pads to be a single item)

*Note: Interlabial and Intergluteal pads are the same item but listed separately for search purposes

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