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Pay It Forward by buying a PifPad for someone in need. When you buy this item, you are donating a Minivivi pad to someone who is experiencing financial hardship. You can buy a whole pad for them, or you can donate in smaller amounts. The website system keeps a record of the PifPads and related funds available. We will cover postage and other costs.

To claim a PifPad, you can call us in confidence and talk to Penny. We will make sure you are matched with pads suitable for your needs.

* You do not have to purchase any other product to donate a PifPad or Partial Pif and your details will not be used for anything other than your confirmation of order/thank you email

2 reviews for PifPad – Pad It Forward

  1. J.D

    I am so grateful for this scheme. I was able to speak with Penny and she was so lovely and sent me exactly what I needed. When I am in the postiion to pay it forward myself I absolutely will contribute to help more people.

  2. Jo Dalton (verified owner)

    Amazing scheme. I am eternally grateful to Penny not least for the PIFPAD scheme, but also her fabulous pads and her understanding of my medical issues and what was at the time a difficult financial situation for me. She kindly sent me a variety of pads to try and the support I have received since then has been above and beyond. I honestly can’t believe I struggled in silence for so long with using disposable pads (I used far more than most women my age for my incontinence issues) I worried for so long about affording them each week as when financial funds are limited when you have to spend at least £10 upwards a week on trying different shop bought products that you simply use and throw away and actually do the job they are designed for very badly… I felt guilty that the funds I was spending on disposable pads could of been much better use to our family finances going towards our heating / lighting and food each week. Plus the sheer amount of waste I was creating hardly fitted with my eco green lifestyle choices and was failing miserably on my waste as little as possible ethos / mantra that I try so hard to achieve.

    I also felt quite alone with my problem until I reached out to Penny. Finding her supportive understanding group on Facebook and most importantly Penny and the group has made me realise that I am NOT along struggling with incontinence issues on a daily basis.

    The pads and products Penny makes are amazing, yes sometimes it’s trial and error, to get what works for you – but the fact Penny is happy and has the knowledge and empathy to be able to work with you to find something that works – is truly a unique service. I am now in a better position financially and support the PIFPAD scheme with every order I make to help ensure this scheme continues and that someone else doesn’t have to face the dilemmas that I faced week in week out.

    Anyway I guess what I am trying to say is whatever your situation (health or financial) please don’t suffer in silence (like I did) or be to proud to ask Penny for help. Penny offers a real solution that works.

    Thank you Penny for being such a kind, caring and knowledgeable lady ❤️

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