PottiPads for children

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  • holds up to 50ml
  • suitable for moderate menstruation
  • suitable for light incontinence
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Our PottiPads for children hold up to 50ml and are designed to catch small leaks and dribbles during toilet learning. Simply snap around briefs/underwear and change when wet. PottiPads fit most underwear from age 18-24m to age 8 years. They are 5cm wide at the gusset and approx 7.5″ long with small sings that fit underwear from age 24 months to approx 8 years old. For young people over 8 years old, see the Tween/SLIM pads. 

PottiPads can also be reversed for catching bowel soiling/smears where needed. If you need protection for both, please contact us for assistance.

Our unique, earth-friendly core is a combination of organic hemp and cotton, layered to maximise capacity and minimise compression leaks, whilst the natural fabric remains breathable.

The thin microfleece used for the backing and wings grips to underwear, reducing any movement, and it is impregnated with charcoal to reduce odour. Our non-wick, reinforced wings have a handy tab to aid with undoing the snaps.

All our pads have a hidden waterproof layer of high quality polyurethane laminate (pul) as standard for extra protection against leaks, and we offer a range of different topping fabrics to suit different needs. 

Please note that pads are made to order. Please allow up to 10 working days for delivery. For additional information please see our FAQ section. Use code “starter” at checkout to get a wetbag FREE with any 5 or more pads (wetbag must be in basket when applied).

3 reviews for PottiPads for children

  1. Sarah H

    These are brilliant! I bought a set of 10 several years ago when my boy was toilet training to catch leaks. He’s now 7 years old and still has some continence issues. The pads have lasted amazingly considering they’re washed every week, sometimes twice a week. They’re nowhere near needing replacing yet, which is amazing. Underwear I bought at the same time from another company wore out within the first year, and even the expensive period pants for my daughter are starting to get baggy and look tired after just 6 months. These pads last forever!

  2. Jane B

    These are excellent. Much better than ‘Dry like me’ pads and work out much cheaper too.

  3. Anna Jenkins

    These pads are a Godsend for us. My 6 year old daughter is autistic and has difficulties with interoception, which means that she doesn’t know when she needs the loo until she starts to leak urine and feels wet. By this point, her underwear is damp and she would be sat in damp underwear all day as she wouldn’t tell anyone she was wet. This was causing her to smell bad, and making her skin sore. We tried the disposable pads but they irritated her skin and bunched up in her knickers, causing more mess and hassle for her. A friend told me about PottiPads and we tried one and my daughter loves them! There’s a great selection of prints and colours, and the most important thing is that they keep her skin and underwear dry! We pop one on in the morning and change it after school. We have 14 in total, and I wash them with clothing or towels, no extra washing needed. Although it seemed like a lot of money, I know they will last years, and they’re such high quality. We haven’t ever had any leaks and they are thin enough to not be seen under clothing even if she’s wearing leggings. If I work out what I would have spent by now on disposable pads, I have already saved money so it is definitely worth the investment. They’re comfortable for her too so no more fighting in the mornings. She’s happy to wear them and enjoys the fun patterns. Service is great too. Penny is so helpful and the pads arrived in just a few days despite being made to order. We highly recommend these!

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